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Positive Outcome Program for Young People

We A&D Solaris are a leading vocational training organisation empowered over 63,000 youth life in the past. We A&D Solaris is a company which operates on core competency in training. We are a professional class training organisation across pan India.


A&D Solaris provides the world class exposure to potential employees through coaching labs. The institute has state of art infrastructure, full access to internet for all students, fully loaded computers with high speed powered processors, Above all highly educated and experienced training faculties cum programmers having the feel of Business. In addition, A&D Solaris is having market research team which constantly scans the changing skill set in various industries, requiring competent person for various positions. We have proved the part in adolescent Girls Training, how learning from the experts makes all the differences.

Various Training Packages are available with us which gives practical exposure through periodically Training content to ensure that employability skills feature in training in line with industry requirement.


A & D Solaris will provide a single platform formal academic learning programs, life skill programs and vocational skill programs for out-of school young people between ages 17 -35 years.

  • Sustainable Capacity Building: Local educational support program  to reach out of school young people through Industry oriented vocational skills

  • Placement services for young people: In age 17 to 35 years sent into jobs after they have attained appropriate vocational skill and workplace competency levels.

  • Life skill training: To provide hands-on skills for young people to innovate, build, modify, repair, market and sell artifacts in their everyday world.

  • Mobilization and activation of parents/ villagers involvement in a systematic manner which work towards improved access to education and delivery of education in schools.


Create basic models of education for schedule caste and schedule tribes students and all others, youth that combine universal quality education, academic competencies, life-skill training and vocational training enriched with additional computer assisted learning that demonstrate holistic education to Youth – 17 to 35 age-groups by combining formal education with life-skill modules and career exploration opportunities in an experiential mode. Influence governmental and non-governmental systems and agencies to adopt and replicate learning and successes of this model in parts or as a whole in other parts of the state or the country.

A & D Solaris projected vision is to enable every adolescent Pass out of school or potential drop-out student in high school of Tamil Nadu to develop a love for learning, and be fully prepared to embark on a life-long learning journey that would help them access rewarding high-wage, high-skill careers, responsible citizenship, and personal and professional growth.
The mission of the A & D Solaris is to reach out to the adolescent at risk by providing a holistic education module which combines formal education with life skill modules and career exploration opportunities, through an experiential mode, so as to develop confident individuals capable of self directed growth. To this end, the A & D Solaris will promote access to community based, qualitative, sustainable and affordable integrated learning opportunities that link education and livelihoods to positive outcomes for all young people from educationally and economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Over 8,000+ Students Have Enrolled So Far

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